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Mandy Rubenstein Dip, MBACP, ITEC

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What counselling is and what it isn’t….

Seeking counselling can be a “shall I, shan’t I?” dilemma.  You’ve probably become aware that something isn’t feeling quite right in your life.  It could be your relationship, your work situation, your role as a mum, dad, daughter, son, carer etc., a habit you’re not proud of, a friendship, a loss…. the list is endless.

Everyone’s trigger for seeking therapy will be unique to them but essentially, it all comes down to a feeling. It could be one of not feeling able to cope, feeling defeated, hopeless, helpless, confused, overwhelmed  or just unsettled deep within.  These feelings can then translate into very real experiences of anxiety, panic, depression or just a sense that your well being is not what it could be.  You sense that your life has become unmanageable and this is where counselling can really help.

Sharing how you’re feeling with another human being, in a confidential environment, takes trust and rapport resulting in a unique relationship. It’s different to sharing with a friend who will be trying to say all the ‘right’ things in a bid to provide comfort and salve for your pain. In a therapeutic relationship, the intent is not to fix or save but to empower and equip you with skills so that the next time life throws you a curved ball, you will feel much more able to manage the challenge. Simply seeing things through a different lens, from a different perspective – one you may not have considered, can be truly freeing.

Counselling is an investment in both yourself and your future. Maybe you have yourself at one of the various life stages which most of us encounter; leaving home, getting married, becoming a parent, losing a parent, mid life challenges, divorce, children leaving home, retirement etc. etc.….all these can throw up their own uniques set of problems. To talk them through and explore how you feel about these challenging times can really help to tease apart, sometimes difficult feelings and thus establish what you may choose to do next. And so much of having counselling is about realising you always have a choice.

My core approach is person centred counselling which, in a nutshell, means you are the expert on your own life although you may not actually appreciate this at the beginning of therapy.  You may have got a little lost along the way, but counselling can really help you to rediscover yourself and build your future on more solid foundations rather than quicksand. 

I don’t tell you what to do. I don’t tell you how to live your life. I do, however, walk alongside you whilst you work out how to live your best life and achieve your preferred outcome.  One size does not fit all – your therapy is tailored to you and your needs.

A bit about me ….

I came into counselling later in life with some pretty varied life experiences under my belt.  In fact, I’d encountered several of the issues listed below but my story won’t be yours. However, I do feel, as a result, I possess advanced empathy for those who are encountering these sort of struggles.

I was practising hands on bodywork for some years; therapeutic massage, Indian head massage, reflexology and Reiki mastery. It became so apparent to me that psychological pain can manifest in physical pain and this holistic connection led me to train as a counsellor. My beliefs are rooted in the Buddhist philosophies of compassion, kindness, wisdom, meditation and that change is always possible.

I have always worked at Wimborne Therapy centre, on a face to face basis with clients, since its inception and I now also work remotely, from home, by ‘phone and Zoom.  I continue to keep up to date with new research and my continued professional development by attending courses which both inspire and inform me.  My membership of the BACP ensures that I am adhering to their Ethical Framework which, in turn, ensures your safety and my professionalism.

I have experience in working with the following issues below and a complete list appears within my profile listing on the Counselling Directory:

Addiction                                                 Anxiety

Abusive Relationships                          Assertiveness

Abortion                                                  Abuse

Divorce                                                    Dissociation

Depression                                             Low self worth                

Low confidence                                     Menopause                    

Low self confidence                              Infidelity

Narcissism                                              Separation

Suicide Ideation                                      

By no means a comprehensive list… I have worked with clients who have encountered all the above and more.

Finding the ‘right fit’ in a counsellor is so very important.  That’s why I offer a free half hour session to give you first hand experience of whether I am the right therapist for you.  I will not be offended if you say ‘no, you’re not for me’, in fact, this is to be celebrated, as you will have made your own first (maybe!) autonomous decision.

My fee is £50 per therapeutic hour (50 mins) and I offer concessionary rates for students in training. Please get in touch todiscuss.

So, let’s talk. What have you got to lose?